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The objective of the Cooperative Leader in the Classroom and Cooperative Education Lecture Series is to increase understanding of the role and nature of cooperative businesses. Each year at least one outstanding cooperative leader or educator is invited to meet with students, faculty and cooperative leaders to communicate their knowledge and views related to cooperatives. This lecture series was initiated in 1996 at the suggestion of the Kansas Farmers Union and is supported by a grant from the CHS Foundation.

Art Driscoll, Sunsweet Growers
Dane Lance, Sunsweet Growers
*Program coming soon. Contact Seleise Barrett for more information.

Doug Youngdahl, Blue Diamond Growers
Bruce Clark, Mountain View Cooperative*
Dale Locken, South Dakota Wheat Growers*
Dieter Pape, North American Bison Cooperative*

Tim Lindgren, Sunkist Growers
Paul “Pete” Anderson, FCStone Group, Inc.
Mark Dreesen, Farmers Elevator*
Dick Wark, CHS Nutrition*
Keith Pagel, Cass Clay Creamery*
Tom Stokes, Tree Top, Inc.*
Richard Owen, CHS, Inc.*

Norbert Gerstenkorn, Farmers Cooperative Grain Association (Conway Springs)
Dell Princ, Midway Co-op Association
John Johnson, CHS, Inc.*
Paul “Pete” Anderson, FCStone Group, Inc.*
Chris Policinski, Land O’Lakes*

Vance Westhusin, Midland Marketing Co-op

Darel Anderson, North Central Kansas Cooperative Association
Chris Peterson, Michigan State University

Dave Christiansen, Mid-Kansas Cooperative
Bob Nattier, Mid-Kansas Cooperative

Steve Montgomery, CoBank (no case study)
John E. (Jack) Gherty, Land O’Lakes
Agland Case Study (no executive)

Rodney Christianson, South Dakota Soybean Processors
Joe Talley, American Crystal Sugar Company

Irv Clubine, Garden City Co-op

Byron Ulery, Farmway Co-op

Tim Dodd, Dakota Growers Pasta Company
Tim Morris, Minnesota Corn Processors
Rob King, University of Minnesota

Mike Cook, University of Missouri

Bob Nattier, Mid-Kansas Cooperative
Richard Sexton, University of California, Davis

*Executives interacted with class through a conference call.


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