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The Kansas Cooperative Development Center closed effective September 30, 2004. KCDC was not awarded a USDA/RDCG grant for FY 2005 that would have permitted the center to stay in operation. We encourage you to use other value-added business development resources from Kansas State University and other organizations. The Agricultural Innovation Center  (AIC), www.agecon.ksu.edu/innovation, and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC), www.agmrc.com, are two of the resources available to you.

If you have business development questions, please contact Vincent Amanor-Boadu: vincent@agecon.ksu.edu or 785.532.3520.

The goal of the Kansas Cooperative Development Center (KCDC) is to improve the earnings and economic conditions of agricultural producers and other rural residents. The strategy is to encourage and to assist cooperative business development focused on value-added marketing and processing of agricultural products.

The KCDC is a joint program of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center (ACCC) in Kansas State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics, the Agricultural Value Added Center (AVAC), a unit within the Kansas Department of Commerce's Agriculture Products Development Division, and the cooperative development program of the Kansas USDA/Rural Development office. The KCDC is funded by a grant from USDA.

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