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The purpose of the Value-Added Reference Guide is to provide comprehensive information about adding value to agricultural commodities.  One specific way to accomplish adding value is to form cooperatives with the expressed purpose to add value to raw commodities through further processing and/or marketing.

The Value-Added Reference Guide is divided into five sections:. The first section describes what adding value to agricultural products really means. The second section has information about New Generation Cooperatives. General information about cooperatives is found in section three. The fourth section provides information for starting a business and the final section contains directories for New Generation Cooperatives and a resource guide for professional consultants.  

Section 1:  What's Value-Added?

Section 2: Considering Cooperatives

Section 3:  USDA:  Understanding Cooperatives

Section 4:  Starting Your Business

Section 5:  Directories & Assistance

Contents of this publication may be freely reproduced for educational purposes with attribution. All other rights are reserved. In each case, credit Value-Added Reference Guide, Kansas Cooperative Development Center, as well as each selected document’s author and publisher.  

The Resource Directory of Professional Consultants, found in section five, will be updated as additional information is gathered. Listing of professional consultants listed should not be construed as an endorsement or to be all-inclusive, but for information only. 

Please provide comments, additions or deletions that would make this notebook more useful to you.

Special thanks to the following institutions for allowing us to reprint and distribute their publications:
Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives, North Dakota State University
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
Department of Agricultural Economics, North Dakota State University
Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University
USDA Rural Business–Cooperative Services, Rural Cooperatives

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