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Papers Discussing Amendment To Packers & Stockyards Act
Prohibition on Beef Packer Ownership, Feeding and Control of Cattle:
Comments and Discussion by S. Meyer, J. Mintert, D. Peel, R. Plain, & J. Robb (01.18.2002)
Comments on Economic Impacts of Proposed Legislation to
Prohibit Beef and Pork Packer Ownership, Feeding, or Control of Livestock by D. Feuz, G. Grimes, M. Hayenga, S. Koontz, J. Lawrence, W. Purcell, T. Schroeder, & C. Ward (01.14.2002)
Fed Cattle Marketing Concerns and Trends: Cattle Feeder Survey Results (June 2002)
Cattle Publications
Grid Pricing Publications
Fed Cattle Pricing:Live Weight & Dressed Weight
Fed Cattle Pricing: Formulas & Grids
Grid Pricing of Fed Cattle: Risk & Value of Information
Grid Pricing of Fed Cattle: Base Prices & Prem.-Disc. Grids
Beef Tenderness & Beef Demand Publications
Valuing Beef Tenderness (4 page fact sheet)
In-Store Valuation of Steak Tenderness (12 page journal article)
Beef Demand Determinants: A Research Summary (4 page fact sheet)
Beef Demand Determinants (complete 61 page report)

Feeder Cattle Pricing Publications
Buying and Selling Feeder Cattle: The Impact of Selected Characteristics on Feeder Cattle Prices (1996)
Improving The Value of Your Calf Crop: The Impact of Selected Characteristics on Calf Prices (1996)
Factors Affecting Auction Prices of Feeder Cattle (1988)
Weight-Price Data as a Beef Cattle Management Tool, Part I (1998)
Weight-Price Data As A Beef Cattle Management Tool, Part II (1998)
Miscellaneous Cattle Publications
Kansas Beef Industry: Economic Trends
Seasonality Trends In Steer Feeding Profits, Prices and Performance (2002)
Seasonality in Heifer Feeding Profits, Prices and Performance (2002)
Improving Cow-Calf Profitability Through Enterprise Analysis
Calving Season Strategies (1988)
Positioning the Beef Industry For The Future
Beef Cow Leasing
Fed Cattle Quality: How Does It Affect Prices Received By Cattle Feeders
Profitability Differences Between Steers and Heifers
Economic Evaluation of Season-Long and Intensive Early Stocking Systems
Kansas Steer Futurities
Beef Records: The Key To Profitability

Hedging and Marketing Publications
Cross Hedging Agricultural Commodities
Cross Hedging Cull Cows
Basis: The Cash/Futures Price Relationship
Hedging Cull Sows Using The Lean Hog Futures Market (1998)
Hog Publications
Market Hog Price Discovery: Barriers & Opportunities (from 12/99 NPPC Pork Summit)
Estimating The Value of Segregated Early Weaned Pigs
Group Marketing of Hogs: Organization, Successes and Guidelines
Contract Hog Production
Factors Affecting Auction Prices Of Feeder Pigs (1989)
Frequency of Profitable Hedging Opportunities and Improved Returns for Feeder Pig Finishers, 1980-1988
Solar Heating Systems For Swine Housing: An Economic Appraisal
Miscellaneous Farm Management Publications
Pasture Lease
Pasture Rental Arrangements For Your Farm
Returns To Land Investments In Kansas
Derived Labor Requirements for Kansas Livestock Enterprises
Research Papers & Bulletins
Meat Packer Vertical Integration & Contract Linkages in the Beef & Pork Industries: An Economic Perspective, by M. Hayenga, T. Schroeder, J. Lawrence, D. Hayes, T. Vukina, C. Ward and W. Purcell.,
Contracting In The U.S. Pork and Beef Industries: Extent, Motives and Issues, presented at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, December 2000
U.S. Lamb Demand, by T. Schroeder, R. Jerrick, R. Jones and C. Spaeth.
Reasons for and Impacts of Changing Fed Cattle Procurement Practices, paper presented at USDA Public Forum on Captive Supplies, September 21, 2000, Denver, Colorado.
Forecasting and Using Live Cattle Basis, paper presented at 1997 K-State Cattle Profitability Conference
Beef Industry Price Discovery: A Look Ahead, 1998 research bulletin published by the Research Institute on Livestock Pricing at Virginia Tech
Farm Management Guides
Farm Management Guides are example budgets published annually for various Kansas crop and livestock enterprise by K-State Research & Extension Economists
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