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Updated Daily
U. of Missouri's Daily Porkline Data Sheet
Updated Weekly
In The Cattle Markets-(from K-State & UNL)
K-State's Weekly Cattle Price & Supply Update
K-State's Weekly Hog Price & Supply Update
K-State's Weekly Steer Basis Update
K-State's Weekly Heifer Basis Update
K-State's Weekly Hog Basis Update
K-State's Crop Condition & Progress Newsletter (by W. I. Tierney)
U. of Missouri's (by G. Grimes & R, Plain) Weekly Hog Market Outlook
U. of Missouri's (by G. Grimes & R. Plain) Weekly Cattle Market Outlook
U. of Missouri's Weekly Market Data Sheet (Price & Production Summary)
Livestock Marketing Information Center's Weekly Price & Production Summary
Virginia Tech's (by Wayne Purcell) Weekly Agricultural Commodity Report
U. of Illinois-Purdue (by D. Good & C. Hurt) Weekly Outlook Newsletter
Michigan State U. (by J. Hilker) Commodity Market Outlook
Updated Biweekly
Iowa State's (by John Lawrence & Robert Wisner) Iowa Farm Outlook
North Dakota State's (by Harlan Hughes) The Market Advisor
Updated Monthly
K-State's Livestock Update (by James Mintert - Monthly Livestock Outlook)
K-State's Livestock Management Update (by R. Jones - Monthly Livestock Management)
K-State's Crops Update (by Bill Tierney - Monthly Crop Outlook)
K-State's Crop Management Update (by Art Barnaby - Monthly Crop Management)
U. of Missouri's Monthly Cattle Outlook (released following USDA's Cattle On Feed reports)
Oklahoma State's (by Kim Anderson & Derrell Peel) Oklahoma Market Viewpoints
USDA's World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates
USDA's Agricultural Outlook Magazine
USDA's Livestock, Dairy, Poultry Situation & Outlook
USDA's Wheat Outlook
USDA's Feed Outlook
USDA's Oil Crops Outlook
USDA's Cotton & Wook Outlook
USDA's Outlook for Agricultural Exports
U.S. Agricultural Trade Update
Iowa State's Estimated Livestock Returns for Hogs & Cattle
Updated Quarterly
U. of Missouri's Quarterly Hog Outlook (released following USDA's Hogs & Pigs reports)
U. of Illinois - Purdue U. (by Chris Hurt) Cattle & Hog Outlook
U. of Illinois - Purdue U. (by D. Good) Grain & Oilseeds Outlook
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